Sally Colledge


Finding Your Way, Towner Gallery, Eastbourne. Community project to create an installation with fellow artist Sheila Hay and the people of Devonshire Ward in Eastbourne, 21-26 July 2015.

Blue Monkey Network Maker Date, Towner Gallery, Eastbourne. In this workshop, I introducted a group of artists to a paper folding technique. We used the technique to each create one or more small paper sculptures, which were used to build a group installation. 23 November 2016.

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Drawing with Wire, University of Brighton. This workshop was part of a series of workshops accompanying the Marks Make Meaning exhibition in the university gallery. Participants used a series of drawing processes to represent objects in wire and pencil. 20 March 2018

Tape installation workshop, Fabrica, Brighton. This was a drop-in family workshop where visitors made installations in the gallery from tape in response to Raumzeichnung (Reflection), an installation by Monica Gryzmala. 27 July 2014.

Salt Drawings, Fabrica, Brighton. In this workshop, visitors drew with salt under a black light. The workshop was in response to Simon Faithfull's Reef. Visitors were working in the dark as the gallery had been blacked out to give the impression that it was under water. The black light made the salt glow and the visitors used fingers and paintbrushes to draw sea creatures and plants in the salt. 16 November 2014